An office for eight different countries/ languages



1996 – 2001: Slavonic Studies with the main emphasis on POLISH, CZECH  and CROATIAN.

Duties: Our office is working for the following listed authorities, companies and private persons: Police, attorney`s office, f
oreigners registration office, public prosecutor, judges, jurisdiction, notaries, also for private persons and companies. Our office includes translations as well as interpreting services. In addition we will help you to fill out requests or forms for above listed authorities.

Translations: All translations will be done by email, fax or letter. If necessary I will come to your office or company.

Also I`m working as an interpreter for the following listed languages/ countries at the inland and foreign countries: GERMAN, POLISH, CZECH, CROATIAN, BOSNIAN und SERBIAN. As an interpreter I will come to your office, to your home, to your working place, court, police or wherever necessary including foreign countries.

Availability: For police, public attorney office, public prosecutor, courts and foreign nationals registration office: 24 hrs service.

Opening hours: Mo to Sa: 08:00 - 16:00 hrs

Please contact per email or phone: 06301 710670 or 0173 3118849 or 0172 3009129 

(for Germany please dail 0049)

Fax: 06301 716590


Your interest and questions whithout any obligations will be greatly appreciated.

Ivka Wachter